About me

Mar 14, 2024  

I’m a passionate SRE who served for more than 6 years in the robotic team at EasyMile. EasyMile is a Toulouse, France, based company building self-driving vehicles like the EZ10 and the Tracteasy. As a system TechLead, I’m in charge of the vehicle’s network, compute and cybersecurity. Before that, I worked 4 years at OVHCloud, a French hosting company in the shared-hosting and anti-ddos teams.

I love designing and building infrastructures. I believe in simplicity and communication as a key success factors.

The linguist in you may wonder what “yadutaf” stands for. You may think of it as French phonetic transliteration of “Il y a du ’taf’” which roughly translates to “Plenty of work to be done ahead”.

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